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To raise funds successfully, your firm must be incorporated and conducted in the manner that investors demand. We make it simple to form a Delaware C-Corporation the right way and then assist you in keeping your firm investor-friendly.

  • Incorporate in Delaware
  • Adopt bylaws
  • Send and sign NDAs & contracts
  • Work with a startup lawyer
  • Establish your board of directors


  • Action by Sole Incorporator
  • Initial Board Consent
  • Board Consent Approving Founders' Stock
  • Restricted Stock Purchase Agreements
  • 83(b) Tax Election and Filing Instructions
  • Employer Identification Number
  • Notice of Stock Issuances
  • Confidential Information and Invention Assignment Agreement
  • 30-Minute Consultation with Startup Attorney

You will also be charged for the additional government fees as follows:  $139 (DE government fee) + $75 (filing agent fee) + $99 (DE registered agent fee)

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